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Welcome! Horse Brain, Human Brain is a book and training philosophy developed by Janet Jones. With her background as brain scientist, horse trainer, and writer, Janet is uniquely positioned to apply brain function to the training of horses and riders. All horsemanship rests on mutual interaction between horse and human brains. By understanding how our horses’ brains work, and how their brains differ from ours, we can

All horses and humans have brains and must use them regardless of discipline. For that reason, brain-based horsemanship is as relevant to Western riders as English, as important to headers and heelers or working draft breeds as to dressage champions, racehorses, Grand Prix jumpers, and backyard pasture ornaments. Anyone who works with horses should learn how equine and human brains work in tandem.

Janet Jones

Janet Jones applies brain research to the training of horses and riders. She earned her Ph.D. from UCLA and taught the neuroscience of perception, language, memory, and thought for 23 years. Janet trained horses at a large stable early in her career, and later ran a successful horse training business of her own. She has schooled hundreds of green or difficult horses and competed in hunter, jumper, halter, reining, and western pleasure disciplines.

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