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Horse Brain, Human Brain
SKU: 9781570769481

Horse Brain, Human Brain introduces the many differences between horse and human brains. Without this knowledge, we often assume that horses learn, think, perceive, and attend to tasks the way we do. That assumption invites us to work against our horses' brains, expecting them to function in unnatural and counterproductive ways. This book offers the information needed to ride with our horses' brains. Each principle is applied to real everyday issues in the arena or on trail, often illustrated with true stories from Janet’s horse training experience. Written in plain language, Horse Brain, Human Brain is intended for anyone who works with horses.

Since the book's release in June 2020, it has been translated into eight languages and is now available as an audiobook. It was featured in the top eight American books on human brain science for 2021 and in the top two German books on sports for 2022. Horse Brain, Human Brain also won the Japan Racing Association's 2021 Equine Culture Award. The only other American author to receive this award was Laura Hillenbrand in 2004 for her book Seabiscuit.

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Horse Brain, Human Brain Audiobook
SKU: 9781570769481

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Audiobook.
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馬のこころ ──脳科学者が解説するコミュニケーションガイド (フェニックスシリーズ No. 124)
SKU: 978-4775942536

 Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Japanese from Pan Rolling.
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Cerebro equino, cerebro humano
SKU: 9788418655043

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Spanish from Ediciones Tutor.
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Horse Brain, Human Brain: Erkenntnisse aus der Neurowissenschaft
SKU: 978-1-57076-948-1

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in German from Kosmos Verlag.
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Mózg konia, mózg człowieka. Neurobiologia w jeździectwie
SKU: 978-83-7579-817-3

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Polish from Galaktyka.
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Cervello Equino, Cervello Umano
SKU: 9788827231883

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Italian from Edizioni Mediterranee.
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Koňský mozek – lidský mozek

Horse Brain, Human Brain is available in Czech from Arcaro, Ltd.
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The Psychotherapist's Guide To Human Memory

The Psychotherapist’s Guide to Human Memory – Despite its importance in creating and comprehending the self, memory was largely neglected in the therapeutic training curriculum prior to the publication of this book. It offers an authoritative yet accessible account of the basic principles of human memory, appealing to readers from all walks of life.
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Understanding Psychological Science
SKU: 978-0065014594

Understanding Psychological Science –This textbook explains scientific methods that are used to explore the mind and brain. Its reach extends from investigation based on simple anecdotes to multi-factorial design and statistical analysis. The book is accompanied by a 175-page Instructor’s Manual full of techniques based on 15 years of teaching research methods.
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An Evening with Janet Jones – Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club

Price: $100.00
Thursday, March 14, 2024
5:30 pm - Reception with complimentary drink and light hors d’oeuvres 
6:15 pm – Presentation “Brain to Brain: Cross-Species Communication between Horse and Rider” 
7:45 pm - Questions and Answers 
8:15 pm - Book signing for Horse Brain, Human Brain 

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